1200 Family Food Parcels delivered in the past year

23 people supported into work through Zink Employability in the past year

Over 150 people helped to resolve issues in the past year

Need Help?

If you need emergency food please contact one of the following organisations who will make a referral for you. Think about the reason you need help and contact the most appropriate organisation who can start to help you to resolve the problem. For example, if you have a problem with benefits, you would probably need to speak to Citizens Advice.

GP Surgery
Social Worker
Health Worker
Mental health support
MAT (Multi Agency Team)
Women's Aid
Family Support Worker
Health Worker

Support Worker
Community Companion
Derbyshire Federation for Mental Health
A Housing Association like Adullam or Guinness Housing
Citizens Advice
Armed Forces Charity
School or Church

Banner 2Jobcentres don't make formal referrals but they can give you a signposting document that we can treat as a formal referral.

If you can't get to one of these we will accept one self-referral and issue enough food to last until you are able to access one of the above organisations.

If you need help to get into work please visit our Zink Employability website

If you are homeless please see http://www.hpns.co.uk