1200 Family Food Parcels delivered in the past year

23 people supported into work through Zink Employability in the past year

Over 150 people helped to resolve issues in the past year

Thanks for visiting High Peak Foodbank’s website; we hope you’ll find everything you need to know here!

We work with individuals in crisis situations in the High Peak area to give them a better future:

  • Food to prevent immediate hunger
  • Support to sort out the crisis
  • Finding jobs so they don’t face poverty again (through Zink Employability)

Your donations of food and money make that possible. Help us to continue to bring help to local families by donating online at BT MyDonate:


Homeless package

A typical 'Starter Pack' for someone facing homelessness

A single person 'Starter Pack' Foodparcel

A single person 'Starter Pack' Foodparcel